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  Mr Jack Caudra, an executive with a large natural gas public utility in Arkansas, along with a Mr. Charles Waters, an associate from that company, approached two local businessmen regarding the formation of a natural gas company to serve the needs of the small towns in Ripley and Dearborn Counties.

They all knew that if small towns were going to contiune to exist, that an adequate and dependable supply of natural gas was required for residential, commercial and industrial use.

The company was formed with the local businessmen supplying the major financing while Cuadra and Waters provided the expertise to build and operate the company. Those two local businessmen who invested in this company were Mr Chris Volz, Jr and Mr Sharon L (Boots) Bultman.

On November 13, 1981, Mr Robert Wortman, as President of Fountaintown Gas Co., Inc., a similar utility serving small towns in Decatur, Hancock, Henry, Rush, and Shelby Counties, purchased South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc.

South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc. presently serves approximately 2,000 customers in Dearborn and Ripley counties with the objective of providing an adequate supply of natural gas for residential, commercial, and industrial needs at the least cost, without sacrificing safety and dependability.
Why Natural Gas?

• Lower cost & better comfort
• Higher quality heat
• Reliable & safe
• A natural occurring energy source
• Made in the USA
Minimize Your Bill

• Install a programmable thermostat
• Keep window shades and draperies   open during the day
• Have your furnace serviced
Natural Gas Tips

How to identify a possible gas leak:

Smell rotten egg or sulfur odor
Hear blowing or hissing sound
See blowing dirt

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