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I would like to participate in Paperless Billling as offered by South Eastern In. Natural Gas Co., Inc.
By choosing Paperless Billing, you consent to receiving your billing statements via email for the account(s) that you have selected for this service. By signing this agreement, you understand that you will no longer receive your billing statements for this/these account(s) through U.S. mail. To receive a paper copy of your billing statement at any time, please contact the office at (812)654-2444 during normal business hours. Please review the following terms: 1. You are responsible for providing South Eastern In. Natural Gas Co., Inc. with any updated and active e-mail address, maintaining internet access, and installing any software on your personal computer / device that is needed to receive, access, store, and print email files. 2. Delays experienced due to the use of this service will not change any payment due date or the potential of late fees. If you do not receive an anticipated e-mailed paperless billing, please contact South Eastern In. Natural Gas Co., Inc. at (812)654-2444. 3. The date of receipt of my electronic billing statement shall be the date and time on which South Eastern In. Natural Gas Co., Inc. sends the electronic billing statement regardless of the date and time I receive such billing statement. 4. South Eastern In. Natural Gas Co., Inc. reserves the right to discontinue this service or modify the terms of this agreement at its discretion. If a modification of terms is done, we will provide you with reasonable notice.
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Why Natural Gas?

• Lower cost & better comfort
• Higher quality heat
• Reliable & safe
• A natural occurring energy source
• Made in the USA
Minimize Your Bill

• Install a programmable thermostat
• Keep window shades and draperies   open during the day
• Have your furnace serviced
Natural Gas Tips

How to identify a possible gas leak:

Smell rotten egg or sulfur odor
Hear blowing or hissing sound
See blowing dirt

More Information