SPAM Filtering and Messaging Security

SPAM Filtering and Messaging Security
Flexible Architecture. Energy Efficiency. Lowest TCO.

We can protect ANY mail server including Exchange Server, GroupWise, Notes and proprietary POP3 servers from e-mail borne security risks.

Securing a messaging environment requires much more than keeping a few stray pieces of spam out of users' inboxes. It's about slamming the door on SPAM, Malware, Spoofing, Phishing and other emerging threats at the perimeter. Sure, SPAM is an inconvenience and can cost your company tens of thousands in lost productivity annually, but other e-mail borne threats are continually emerging, attacking your messaging architecture and beyond.

Net-Noggin messaging security solutions have successfully blocked millions of spam, virus, phishing and other security risks for our clients. In fact, we've blocked more than 10 Million of them just in the last year.

Our solutions provide industry-leading multi-layer filtering technologies, coupled with ease of deployment, granular access and configuration control at multiple levels (server, domain and user), industry-leading catch rates and low false-positive rates.

Ready to know that your messaging environment is finally protected from the barrage of risks flooding it? Contact us for a free trial of our easy-to-use solutions. They feature flexible deployment options as an installed application, self-contained mail server with filtering, a turn-key appliance, and high-availability configurations.

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SPAM Filtering and Messaging Security

SPAM Filtering and Messaging Security

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